The Perfect Solution for Water Storage & Pure Water

Varsha Eco - White

Varsha Eco White is three layer economical water tank made out of 100% pure LLDPE. It is available from 500 to 1000 litre capacity.
Super Storing
Ideally an unbreakable material, polyethylene is what VARSHA tanks are made off. So whatever be the climatic conditions they will function at peak performance. It will keep out heat or cold acting as an insulator.
Lasting Economy
VARSHA tanks are durable and cost much less that the conventional storage modes like R.C.C. tanks and M.S. tanks. Real Value for money!
Polyethylene materials used in the manufacture are fully non- toxic, non- absorbing and food grade. No taste or odour, for that matter. Smooth inner layer ensures easy cleaning.
Maintenance Free
No more anti- corrosive treatments and paintings. VARSHA is non- corroding and is opaque to UV Radiations.
No Leak, No Loss
No Unwanted joints to let the water through. VARSHA tanks are homogeneous in structure, i.e., they are moulded in a single piece and thus totally leak- proof.
Litres Height (CM) Dia (CM)
500 87 90
750 102 98
1000 119 107

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