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Varsha Swachh Auto Clean Water Tank

India’s first self cleaning water tank
Cleaning of water tanks is a herculean task which requires great effort and time. The dust particles in the ground water gets sedimented at the bottom of cylindrical and tanks and affects the water quality. It needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. Varsha introduces Swach which is self cleaning.
  • Wide Mouth For Maximum air contact and high dissolved oxygen level.
  • Hopper Bottom for the sedimentation and settling of solid wastes.
  • Provision for self cleaning valve by which settled solid waste at the hopper bottom can be easily removed.
  • Design Registered
  • Made out of 100% Virgin LLDPE.
Litres Height (CM) Dia (CM)
1200 160 112

We can assure you a problem free & pure water supply for years!!!

Purification of the raw water thus becomes unavoidable. Today many water purifiers are available but all of them should be fixed somewhere near a discharge area which facilitates the treated water only at that particular point. The newly invented equipment gives the treated water throughout the building at all discharge points. Apart from that, the plastic water storage tank used now a day, will surely create swachh situation that silica , ferric & manganic salts , and other suspended solids gets deposited as mud in the bottom of the water tank which acts as a good breeding media for micro organisms and it necessitates the frequent manual cleaning of the water tank.

We introduce Varsha Swachh Water Tanks - an innovative patented potable water tank with numerous unique features. The innovative patented hopper bottom design of Varsha Swachh prevents the accumulation of settled masses in which pathogens grow.

Innovative technologies for ultimate defence !

varsha swachh auto clean tank
Hopper Bottom Design

Hopper Bottom Design

It is here we thought differently. The striking specialty of Varsha swachh water tank is it's patented bottom shape - hopper bottom ie conical shape - a revolutionary innovative unique design which has lots of advantages. The solids eventually reaches the drain area and settles at that position. On opening the drain valve these settled solids can be removed easily.
Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System

The inlet water is distributed into four channels horizontally at an angle of 45 degree. This creates a circular movement of the water bodies which in turn creates a cyclone. Due to centrifugal force, the cyclone pushes the suspended heavy particles to the walls of the hopper bottom tank and due to gravitational force it settles at the settling zone.
Sturdy Stand

Sturdy Stand

The potable water treatment cum storage system is placed above a uniquely designed sturdy stand that distributes the weight of the system uniformly. This enables the hopper bottom tank to be placed on any flat surface and is made user friendly.